Passion for good food

Our dishes stem from the tradition and passion for good Italian cuisine, rooted in small workshops of taste.

Today, Imperiali Chef, with its 300 workers, its 10,000 m2 production surface and 35,000 daily meals, offers high-level recipes for restaurants, hotels, cafés and food shops.

We only use fresh products, without adding any additives, glutamates, preserving agents or colouring agents.

Production and processing are carried out exclusively in Italy.

Cook and Chill. A cool secret

The strongpoint of our production is the “Cook and Chill” procedure, which minimizes the risk of bacteria proliferation in the production phase.

Food is cooked at a low temperature to keep its nutritional properties unaltered.

Subsequently, the dishes are blast-chilled so as to reach a temperature between 0 and +4°C. The meals are distributed on refrigerated vehicles with controlled temperatures to guarantee the cold chain is maintained.

The use of this top-notch technology guarantees the production of fresh meals which can be stored in the fridge with a shelf life up to 30 days and are regenerated simply in the microwave oven.

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